Spotted… Window displays and other inspiration

The spotted window displays from various retailers. Hope it acts as inspiration for visual merchandising and window displays…

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Here are some tips on how to write a successful Classifieds ad posting

Tips-guide regarding how to “post online ads” on classified sites. This may be most effective  ways to post your Classified ad on classified websites. Using this Advertising tips for posting an Ad  you can market  your products or classifieds advertisements better! Sure! Writing a successful classifieds ad plays major role in Classified Marketing to attract… Continue reading Here are some tips on how to write a successful Classifieds ad posting

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3D printing ! The Biggy for retailers? And challenges!

The objective here is to see and understand the impact of 3d printing in Retail industry particularly -merchandising, visual merchandising, display and digital printing as a whole. But before going that far, there is a need to explain in layman’s language, What is 3D printing? How does it work? Once I explain, I will go to how does the IDEA of 3D printing effects consumers and retailers, and more importantly, Me & You associated with the retail for a living.

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Best online directory listing for your business , Be found & grow business!

Undoubtedly one of the best user friendly, FREE online business directory listing website with complete features like classifieds, property listing, Jobs, video, audio, blog, products listing and more.

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Most important commercial tool?

What is the one most important commercial tool available for retailers? In My thought it is the Price Sign! Yes I named right. There may be different names like Shelf taker, or POP up or so. But the most relevant name seems to be PRICE SIGN It is one of the most ignored or not… Continue reading Most important commercial tool?

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Size of the Font – some basics

You, as a visual merchandiser working in a retail store must have faced many situation where the sales manager will come and say, I want this sign to be placed and I want the message be Big, or even bigger! Now its time to know how big is needed for the store visitors to read… Continue reading Size of the Font – some basics

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Online marketing- trends

Pinterest is the new buzz word in online marketing. Though it is still catching up, in the coming days Pinterest will be used more frequently by Brands Pinterest is so new that a lot of major brands still don’t know what to make of it. However, there are a few outliers who have found creative ways to exploit… Continue reading Online marketing- trends

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Visual merchandising Ideas – updated

1.Create a Calendar for display changes: This may be called the commercial calendar, and to be based on the most frequent events in your Geographic’s together with seasons and your yearly markdown period. One need to take care of not having any overlaps on the suggested or planned events at any point of time. This will… Continue reading Visual merchandising Ideas – updated

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colour blocked accessories- new trend?

Colour blocking extends to accessories this season

The trend of colour blocking is no longer only for clothes this year. Today, everything you wear, right from shoes, jewellery to handbags are being colour blocked and styled to create the best colour contrasts possible.

The look which is basically about using large blocks of colour and using them together is very popular now, and adds an immediate radiance to your look. Earlier colour blocking was only for clothes, and the stores were full of clothes with large areas of colour juxtaposed together to create a splash of fabulous shades.

Now, the same look on accessories is just as hot. Colour blocked handbags, for instance, look as stunning as do shoes in the same style. The trend has extended to makeup and hair shades too.

I like it.. you may like it too!

Welcome to the all ‘new’ Style Over Coffee; a Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle Experience! We have evolved, we have changed and we got ourselves a make over matching our new identity. For the last 6 months me and Pankaj have been spending every waking hour of the day (and night) into creating a new lookRead… via… Continue reading I like it.. you may like it too!

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See an interesting fashion blog

Is it important to buy all the new fashion trends of the season? Have you ever wondered if you’d be tagged ‘fashionably outdated’ if you wear something that doesn’t belong to the current trends? Well, those are not the kind of thoughts that just come to your minds, I used to think quite a lotRead… via… Continue reading See an interesting fashion blog

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What is the Brand Storyline, my answer in Quora

Here is my answer to a question on what is the brand storyline, that came across quora website. Thought it would be interesting to say it here too. In essence it the story mainly told by the brand toto create an emotional connection with its target audience, and retold by, shared by many other stakeholders of the… Continue reading What is the Brand Storyline, my answer in Quora

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Sunny Summer Yellow — Style Over Coffee | Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Enter a caption Dress : Dorothy Perkins / Denim Vest : Mango / Bag : Jabong /Shoes : Carlton London / Sunglasses : Lenskart / Jewellery : Local shops in India My fashion sense has evolved a lot since the beginning of Style Over Coffee. When I look back at my older posts, I do… Continue reading Sunny Summer Yellow — Style Over Coffee | Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

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