Visual Communication

What is visual communication?

There are many interpretations to suite different area, field or technology.

Numerous studies agree that visual input has vastly more impact on our perceptions than any other medium. That means information, idea or concept which is visually communicated has a dramatic impact on the brain.

How do we accept and perceive information?

·         85% of all information is taken in through the eyes, and

·         80% of all motivation is visually stimulated.It suggests that, visual materials increase the retention of information. 

So with all this “how do we define Visual communication?” Visual communication is the art and the science of communicating an idea or a concept through media which is visible. There may different elements used to communicate it. It could be of a large graphic which already has some typographic text and illustration, or a combination of graphics with some additional tools like lighting, some props which are 3 dimensional.  And it all together conveys a combined message, concept or an idea.


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