summer trends

As summer sets in, we offer a sneak peek into the best fashion trends to up the glam quotient and beat the heat

The prolonged winters are finally over, and summer has set in. People are already gearing up to face the heat with the night bazaars abuzz with gola wallas and soda centers. So much for the food lovers, but it’s an equally exciting time for those who keep their wardrobes updated with the latest fashion. The change in season means an overhaul of the clothing lines as well and to tell you what is in Vouge this summer, we caught up with the local designers bringing you the latest trends to look cool in the intense heat. Summer fashion is all about finding the right combination of fabric, colours and textures that will keep the sweat away, protect you from the sun and still keep you looking at your trendier best.

Beating the heat remains at the center of all efforts and so “summers means skirts,” says designer Ashish Parikh. He adds, “This summer it’s going to be all about skirts. Long flowy kurtas with straight salwars, long skirts as well as various kinds of trousers and plazzo pants,” for a casual everyday look. And as far as occasional party wear is concerned, it’s going to be about, “a combination of indo-western styles of Chanderi in colours dark and deep with minimal brocades and embroidery. This year there will be emphasis on various kinds of textures like patchwork, pleats, threading and layers.” The platter seems diverse and and there’s a lot for every taste. Designer Purvi Doshi

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says, “Khadi’s going to be a rage this summer. A combination of khadi in traditional outfits in flowy cuts and light embroidery will be in. As far as everyday casual wear is concerned it will be a combination of cotton, linen and khadi pants.” The accessories will also take a lead with light footwear like canvas shoes, flip-flops and jute chappals. And just as summers bring in the heat, fashion designers are gearing up to counter the intensity through light fabrics and colours. Designer Bhavin Trivedi says, “Gujarat traditionally has had a strong affinity for vibrant colours, but this is going to change this year. With Amdavadis opening up to international fashion, the emphasis will be on light colours. It is more about countering the heat by wearing subtle light colours and white will be the in thing.” He adds giving a piece of advice, “Summer is about wearing Layers with good ventilation. Wearing an unbuttoned shirt over a light tee or a bandi can be good options. The fashion world is an ever experimenting and this year the fashion weeks have displayed a variety of textures, cuts, colours and fabrics. Organic fabrics and natural colours seem like the popular choice.

Designer Shyamal Shodan puts in his list of current favourites. He says, “This summer it will be all about floral prints, bright colors like orange. But at the same time light shades will make their presence felt too. You can’t go wrong with pristine Whites or soft neutrals. Organic fabrics which are light, airy and have skin friendly natural colours will be the rage. Skirts and summer dresses with classic cuts with an edgy feel and a touch of boldness will be in vogue.” The days of enjoying aamras, late night street parties, early morning strolls in the parks and lots of summer masti are here. So, do it in style with these fashion secrets.The idea is to style yourself well, keep in touch with global trends and look bright and cheerful


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