Most important commercial tool?

What is the one most important commercial tool available for retailers?

In My thought it is the Price Sign! Yes I named right. There may be different names like Shelf taker, or POP up or so. But the most relevant name seems to be PRICE SIGN

Came across an interesting price sign, easy to change and gives standard look

It is one of the most ignored or not aware to most retailers to make the best use of the same. Something not planned most of the time and not format d correctly, have created a standard of the same in-terms of Font, colour, Size, form and fixture. Sometimes stuck to the merchandise with cello-tape to the merchandise.

Price influences the buying decision, probably a key influence, at the end of the day the store have to make sale and money. More sale More money.

So its wise to give some time and effort to create a standardized format,  which also suits the format of the store, whether its Boutique, Lifestyle, Hypermarket (high volume), Low-priced store or any other format.  It is no secret that a torn, unfinished and sticky tape sign also contribute to the overview of the store.

Once decided on the price sign, than it needs to be identified what are different kind of merchandise which needs to have special attention , what the format /design and fixtures should be.

To be continued…..


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