Funny Street Signs


Musings of an Eclectic Soul

They say art is only defined by our own personal limits (They in this case being an amorphous amalgamation of nondescript personage that I have clubbed together and ascribed a random saying to for my own narrative purposes).

It can take many forms and serve any purposes – to shock, to delight, to disgust, to placate, to amuse. Well, in the streets of Florence I saw one artist’s hand at work all over town, doing the last of these. What began with an amusing double-take on one street corner turned into a hunt for similar signage all over town. I share here some of my favorite examples of… Art? Graffiti? Childish pranks? Public disobedience? You decide.

And of course these particular kinds of signs aren’t exclusive to Firenze, look out for some in your own city. Who knows what you may find…

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