Mary Visser – “Although the technology is simple in concept, it is evolutionary in what it offers”

Prof. Mary Visser, Holder of the Herman Brown Chair teaches sculpture and 3D modeling at Southwestern University. Her artwork has appeared in more than 130 exhibitions around the world including the touring e-Form Cybersculpture exhibition for the 2008 Olympic events in China. Visser received her MFA in sculpture from The Ohio State University and is Vice President of Ars Mathematica, an international organization devoted to promoting digital sculpture.

Mary, could you let us know about your background and what brought you into 3D printing?

I can remember making structures as a child in the piney woods of Georgia. I loved the sticky red clay and the thick forest of trees rising to the clear sky. My friends and I built many strange structures and dug tunnels through the clay earth. I would draw them and bully my playmates into building them, only leaving them at dark to go home. My…

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