Here are some tips on how to write a successful Classifieds ad posting

Tips-guide regarding how to “post online ads” on classified sites. This may be most effective  ways to post your Classified ad on classified websites. Using this Advertising tips for posting an Ad  you can market  your products or classifieds advertisements better! Sure!


Writing a successful classifieds ad plays major role in Classified Marketing to attract buyers and customers. Marketing through Classified Ads is one of the easiest methods to drive visitors to your website or to sell your products or to promote your service. Most  classified sites don’t charge for listing on their site by writing a good effective classified ad bring  lots of people and make browse the classifieds just looking and if they find your AD that could generate  traffic to your site or a sale.

Write a Classified ad so that it get noticed and gets maximum exposure

So what makes a classified ad good or bad? First of all, it should attract the visitors, and therefore, it will say exactly what you want it to express. Secondly, it has to say exactly what it says in the least possible number of words. And thirdly, it has to produce the required results whether inquiries or sales , If you make  ad attractive to your reader. Be mysterious inside your headline, I mean create curiosity about your Advertisements. Use the fewest words possible.

A good and attractive classified Ad brings more leads or visitors to you. So it is the important thing success to generate an attractive and effective free classified, following points may be to your benefit in creating Advertisements.

Using AIDAS model is always the best. Attention, Interest, Desire, and Sell

Here are the helpful tips for creating an effective online ad:


Attractive titles Grab attention with your headline

Do you have a headline that’ll be noticed by others? Maybe you have used the keywords or phrases that somebody might use to search for that item. Use very significant and attractive title for your ad to grab visitors attention in in a glance having seen your ad. Providing a powerful classified ad title will bringing thousands of visitors to your ad and make the visitors ‘to click’ your ad and see the description of the ad. So, an attractive title and catchy title is the first step visitor to make  them click on your ad. Use persuasive language and positive words, because people are naturally attracted to it.

For an example if you want to promote a healthy product that is assumed that weight loss product then and attractive title will be.

“Get weight loss in two weeks for guaranteed results”

Use a photo or Image

The very first part of this step is pretty easy and shouldn’t need much explaining: just take a few pics of what you plan to sell if you are promoting a website then design an image with the concept of your website and add few lines to the image. Just like designing a brochure or pamphlet for a business.  As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true online, but only when your photo is good quality. We are all drawn in by a picture. Make sure you image (or images) is clear and well lighted. If your image is too small, dark-colored or blurry, it won’t create as much interest.  if you need an Idea just explore other listings of related your ad  and see which photos grab your attention and why.

Describe your item Clear and well

No need to tell everything in the headline. Use the item details option to describe your item. Be unique. If you are selling a computer table for example, add the color, measurements and quantity of drawers, so a buyer can ensure it’ll work with them. The More details you can provide, the better the quality of buyer you’ll attract, and the only interested customers will make fewer calls and emails you will get requesting additional information.

Use Powerful trigger words

The most powerful word in advertising is FREE! Not everybody can use free in the heading however, it’ll gain the interest immediately. Trigger words or keywords are words that create a great attention than normal words. Some good examples of trigger words are “secrets”,  “free”, “amazing”, or even “discover”. All of these words make a reader would like to learn more and are excellent for interesting a person’s curiosity.

Write short ads

No need to tell autobiography of your services and product, Keep short means what you offer and what they get. Creating a lengthy classified ad can create a negative  impact on your promotion and this makes the visitors ‘ to move-on’ to another ad . So it is better to keep short description in classified Ad.

Price your item for the market :

If your headline says everything and also the photo is clear, then, like retail stores, sometimes the reason an item stays on the market is ‘price’. When people look at classified ads, they are looking for a significantly lower price than a new item. Search on the internet yourself to compare your price with others. Make sure to list it at the market value.

Hope this helps in posting your classifieds ad….

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