What is the Brand Storyline, my answer in Quora

Here is my answer to a question on what is the brand storyline, that came across quora website. Thought it would be interesting to say it here too.

In essence it the story mainly told by the brand toto create an emotional connection with its target audience, and retold by, shared by many other stakeholders of the brand as they see it, understand it or perceive it.

I say there are many stakeholders to a brand. Let’s look at who are they telling or creating together the brand storyline. I am giving here top 5 stakeholders, there may be other partners too, like investors, manufacturers or suppliers, who will tell story about the brand

  1. The Brand itself: This is obvious! Every brand tells a story. Stories have been used for thousands of years to spread a message. As Humans, we look for good stories all the time. Brands use this to create an emotional connection with its target audience. Whichever media it may be told, be it advertising, PR or any other, it all meant to make a connection with the target audience, in most cases potential customers to create some perception the brand wants to make.
  2. Consumers tell brand storyline: The story consumers tell themselves, based on what they understand, assume and perceive based on the story the brand is telling. This may be also after experiencing the brand in some way as product or services the brand is offering. With so many options available today as social media for sharing the experiences of the consumer, they are happy and willing to share. They share their story as experiences, reviews, comments, facebook likes, by tweeting and so on. It’s very common nowadays the brands advertise their social media links on their websites and advertisements for consumers and customers to share the stories.
  3. The story media shares: These are the stories of public record, have higher legitimacy around the brand. This may be the stories of validation of a certain claim of the brand, certain disapproval to the brand to help consumers if the brand remains as what they think or not.
  4. The culture and values: This is the internal story the brand tells behind closed doors and becomes part of the brand story. This is something the brand falls back for strength and helps differentiate them from competition. There are brands that just not selling their product or service, but changes the whole culture. The values of the brand too often become and make and influence on the consumers. The culture and value are also the stories the employees tell to consumers. This becomes the internal view, I have seen it kind of endorsements.
  5. The Competitor storyline: These are alternative or opposite narratives to counter balance the story told by the brand. This also helps consumers in giving both view-points, otherwise, the story will just be one-sided. These stories are healthy too for the brand. Consumers consciously or unconsciously like one or the other story.



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